Changelog @ HighRate

  1. Added a noob vender at each starting point that offers leveling gear and a ground mount.
  2. Added a custom vendor in Dalaran sewers that offer legendary items strong enough to cut down raiding req. by approx 50%
  3. Balance changes to ICC (no heavy changes, intent is to make some encounters more forgiving for smaller raid groups.
  4. AH bot configured to supply good start gear for fresh 80 characters (weapons and armor below iLvL 232 can be found)
  5. World creature changes, 100 random picked rare mobs can now be tamed by hunters as spirit beasts (its random and we don´t know wich ones)
  6. Legendary weapons added for all classes (obtained through a questline inside ICC)
  7. More talentpoints added, you can now reach the final talent in two talent trees.